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Fast track

Service and Support

Hamlet is pleased to offer full after sales support to all our users, old and new.

Hamlet instruments are covered by a 4 years, 2 years or 1 year warranty program depending on the instrument and the warranty extension applicable though registration or extension of warranty.

Four years of AbsoluteCare is included with each purchase of a MicroFlex, MonitorScope, DigiScope and FlexiScope module provided the purchase was made from an authorised Hamlet reseller and the instrument registration was completed and returned within one month of purchase. Excluding the MonitorScope, DigiScope "B" variants which benefit from a 1 year extension under the same conditions. Remember if required the warranty period can be extended at any time for a modest fee.

One year’s StandardCare return to base warranty is included with each purchase of any other instrument from the Hamlet range, provided the purchase was made from an authorised Hamlet reseller.  If registration is completed and returned within one month of purchase the warrant may be extended to 2 years. At the end of that period the service can be extended further, please enquire for costs.

Extensive instrument service and support
Extensive instrument service and support is provided by our in house engineering at head office and though our master distributor and distribution network. It is advised that you approach your authorised reseller, regional master distributor and then head office in the UK if not satisfied. We aim to answer and satisfy your enquiry as quickly as is possible, time zones allowing.

AbsoluteCare and Standard RMA requests
If you need to return you instrument for any reason to Hamlet, please contact us for a returns number.

Absolute Care

Please remember to register your AbsoluteCare application to ensure you do not miss out on this excellent opportunity.

History of AbsoluteCare 

AbsoluteCare was launched by Hamlet, Test and measurement specialist in September 2007 and is applicable to MicroFlex, FlexiScope, MonitorScope, DigiScope and FlexiScope modules delivered from September 7, 2007 onwards providing the conditions are complied with.

This warranty package gives access to a team of application support engineers, accessible by email, telephone or Skype if preferred. At Hamlet We know that today’s engineers still need to rely on the accuracy of their test tools, but they also need to make a financial case for them. In developing our digital platform we ensured that we created a line of products that are stable for life. We are confident of that claim, and we are happy to share our confidence with our users, through this extended warranty and support programme - should users wish to avail themselves of it.

Product Registration

Please remember registering your instrument can be made at any time, if you do so you will be kept up to date on upgrades, updates, new developments, our occasional newsletters and special offers.

Hamlet instruments for immediate dispatch: FlexiScope, Protean Magnum, Index, Precision HDW and WhichWire. Upgrade your MonitorScope, DigiScope and DigiTek units with easy to  install options.


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Download Brochure

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