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 Surround Sound
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 1U ½ rack width
 1U full rack width
 3U ½ rack width
 3U full rack width
 Desk top
 Hand Held
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 External display
 Built-in LCD display
 PC/Laptop Screen
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 Quality control
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 FlexiScope Modules
 Protean Axiom
 Protean Index
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Thank you very much for your rental interest in Hamlet instruments.

We would be delighted to have the opportunity to provide our instruments to you for your operational or engineering, short or long term T&M requirement. So please complete the following short form email response with your preferred instruments and the period of rental, so a representative can contact you directly.

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Hamlet instruments for immediate dispatch: FlexiScope, Protean Magnum, Index, Precision HDW and WhichWire. Upgrade your MonitorScope, DigiScope and DigiTek units with easy to  install options.


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Download Brochure

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