Protean Index

Protean Index
Protean Index

Protean Index


  • Unique Multi Standard SD SDI, and Composite video generation.
  • Embedded Audio, AES/EBU or Single channel  Analog Audio.
  • Handheld Unit.
  • FF CRC, pathological digital test signals. Y, C, both, text, circle,
  • moving pattern signal continuity test.
  • 16 alphanumeric scrollable user programed ident.
  • Audio channel ident
  • Audio selectable on all groups 1 thru 4.
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General Information

Hamlet has designed a unique digital and analog equiped signal generator, the Protean Index. Designed for the professional broadcast industr, it is a multi-functional SD, Composite, video and audio hand-held portable generator.

With 16 x SD; 16 x composite video; group selectable and identable embedded, AES/EBU and analog audio, test signals its ideal for mixed signal path testing. In addition to industry standard video signals it provides a moving pattern MPEG signal, path continuity check test signal and circle and alphanumeric text overlays, that can be set to move if required.

They are dual standard, 625/525 and PAL/NTSC. The units produces up to four channels of embedded audio, AES/EBU and analog reference tone or silence which enhances the flexibility of the generator. The Protean has full broadcast CCIR601 (SMPTE259M)

The product is designed for television broadcast engineers working in maintenance, installation, field operations, outside broadcasts, single camera shoots and even editing suites, anywhere digital and analog signals are required.

Features and functions

  • SD, composite video, Embedded, AES/EBU and analog audio capable – see below
  • Up to 16 full CCIR601, (SMPTE259M) and composite broadcast specification test signals from this powerful, compact and lightweight unit
  • Pathological, CRC, 100% & 75% Color Bars, Red Patch, Bow Tie, Sweep, Pluge,
  • Mulit-burst, Pulse-bar, Modulated Steps, White, Red, Convergence, Ramp, Limited Ramp, Black and Optional Pattern
  • Individual enabling of Y and C components
  • User program 64 character alpha numeric Moving Ident
  • Audio ident and selection of any of the 4 embedded groups
  • Easy NTSC and PAL selection
  • Powered by built in rechargeable nickel metal Hydride batteries or 6VDC
  • Mains adapter included

    16 SDSDI test signals
    Moving pattern path activity test signal
    16 Composite test signals
    Overlayed Circle
    64 Character Alphanumeric ident
    Moving Alphanumeric ident
    4 groups of 2 Embedded pairs
    2 AES/EBU pairs
    Analog audio



  • Serial digital BNC connector. Output impedance 75 ohms.
  • SMPTE 259M, ITU-R BT.601/656 serial component. 800mV pp
  • Full 10 bit pattern generation.
  • Addition of CRC checksum word.
  • Addition of embedded tone at -18db.
  • Composite BNC connectors. Output impedance 75 ohms.
  • 1 volt p/p +/- 1% PAL, NTSC or PALM from 9 bit dac.
  • Differential gain and phase +/- 1% and +/- 1 deg.
  • Sch phase 0 +/- 5 deg.
  • Audio 3 pin xlr plug.
  • Analog: 1KHz tone 0db to +8db balanced to 600 ohms Thd <0.5%.
  • Digital: AES/EBU encoded 1KHz tone, balanced output to 110 ohms.
  • Frequency The crystal master oscillator is accurate to better than +/- 15ppm.


  • External 6Vdc +/-0.5V regulated @ 500mA.
  • Current draw is 600mA if charging as well. 100mA if charging only.
  • Charging time 16 hours max.
  • 2.1mm power connector, centre negative.
  • Mains supply adapter 220/110VAC +/-20% 50/60Hz 10VA max.
  • Internal 600mA hour NiMh batteries with integral charger.


  • Indoor use, 5 to 45 deg.C. Ambient to 2,000m.
  • Max humidity 80% to 31 deg.C decreasing to 50% at 40 deg.C.
  • Overvoltage category 2. Pollution degree 1.


Order Reference:

Protean Index: INDEX

Carry Case: PPC-1



We hope some of the frequently asked question we  have had will provide assistance, if not please contact us directly or go through your supplier.

Q How do I get the scrolling text?
A Power down the instrument, hold the 100% bar button down and now power on, the text willl now be scrolling. This feature disables the selection of any other button i.e. you cannot change signal, to do so would mean turning the scrolling text off (power down then power on) select new signal then switch scrolling text on
Q I cannot use the CRC button?
A The CRC function is only available if all 'shift' functions are turned off i.e. ID and MPEG pattern.

Q I can only get mono analogue audio?
A The Protean series only gives out as a signal signal channel analogue audio, all other formats have stereo capability.

Q Why can I not use the bottom corner signals?
A When the text ID is turned on i.e. the black line near the top of the screen with characters on the bottom corner buttons are used to move the text along the line. To use these signals first turn the text ID off, select signal, then turn text ID on

Q How long will the internal batteries last?
A About 1 hour if using both analog and digital outputs. about 2 hours by turning the analog output off.


Please find our links to futher information below :-

Datasheet - (PDF 0.3MB)

Operation manual - (PDF 0.2MB)

Connection Diagram - (PDF 0.1MB)

Front Panel Diagram - (PDF 0.1MB)

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