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Arshad Rasul from Blue Octagon

“In the Comux model, we offer a hand off point at the remote studios into which the Local TV Licensee feeds their SDI programme video feed. From this point on, Comux take responsibility for the signal through the J2K i/P contribution links to the NOC, Multiplexing, onward distribution to the DTT Transmitters, and transmission to the viewer.
Comux do not want to have to make second or third visits to a remote location if it can be avoided, as time is precious and expensive. The ideal is to “get it right first time”.
The MicroFlex was chosen specifically because it was compact, self contained, and gave the engineers a highest degree of confidence in the measurement of the quality of the SDI signals at any point where checks had to be made. The unit switches on and fires up instantly, so there is no need to wait for the processor to operate. There is certainly convenience with regard to the EYE feature which is included in the measurement package as there is no additional hardware that needs to be attached to the main unit.
The Microflex is invaluable and helps Comux to locate and rectify any issues swiftly, and achieve a high degree of confidence in the SDI signal infrastructure that is central to the success of their operation.”

Kim Thesiger Managing Director, TVT

“After assessing all available products on the market, we chose the Hamlet DigiScope DS900 for its exceptional combination of functionality and value for money. We required a scope which was capable of handling both HD and SD signals as well as multiple signals from different feeds and the ability to access real time information about the feeds remotely and the Hamlet solution perfectly met our needs.” 

Danny Popkin, technical development manager, BBC

We have always maintained a vision engineering position in the lighting gallery of our television studios, where the operator is charged with maintaining perfect alignment between all our cameras. We have standardised on the Hamlet DigiScope DS9000 for this application. This is a compact 1U device. We connect that output to a commodity IT 17” or 19” display to get a large and easily viewable waveform monitor which can be viewed alongside the picture.

The Hamlet DigiScope is a very capable unit, covering a broad range of inputs from analogue composite up to 1080p HD, which has made it flexible as we have upgraded our studios. It also has a very broad scope in the audio and video tests. We chose it because we had a specific requirement which it fulfilled precisely. The Hamlet DigiScope puts a precision waveform display on a standard computer display which gives us the good display size we need.

The all-digital construction of the Hamlet device means we can be confident of its precision over the lifetime of the device. That, together with its attractive initial cost, makes it cost effective. We have used Hamlet equipment for many years and are very pleased with the products and support. 

Steve Ryder of Stryder SNG

“I am providing services for so many different clients, and each has a different requirement. The practical solution to the line-up issues was found in the Hamlet MicroFlex. By choosing the configuration with a test signal generator as well as HD and SD measurement, Ryder has all the functionality he needs in one very handy device. “The test pattern generator contains everything I need, so it provides the line-up signal, with alphanumeric identification and a moving bar to prove it is live and not frozen.

It also includes embedded audio, so everything is there in one device.  “I am often connecting to another vehicle, and I want to be sure all is well before rolling out hundreds of metres of cable or fibre,” said Ryder. “I can put the MicroFlex on each end of a drum of cable while it is still in the van and do a quick integrity check. If I am uplinking from an OB unit and they are not ready, I can unclip the MicroFlex and, because it is battery powered can put it at the far end of my cable to give me an end to end check.” It also provides full test functionality – for less than the price of the test signal generator alone – so it is a vital part of the set-up process for the van, and for the complete rig - MicroFlex does it all.”

Roger Davies, project manager of Professional and Broadcast Digital Systems

Digi Scope DS601AX and Monitor Scope MS601AX were the only suitable units for the job. Embedded audio was vital to us – both for QC on ingest and on our outgoing lines to the BT Tower – and Hamlet was the only company that included it.

In the ingest area, we put the Digi Scope in the rack and gave the operator a monitor on the desk,” he added. “It does not matter what you feed it, the results are there for you where you need them.” 

Darren Woolfson of Molinare.

“Each of the nine new rooms contains an Avid Adrenalin. The design of the rooms is quite minimal, with no large desk and traditional broadcast clutter. There is a single, flat-screen broadcast quality monitor, and that seemed the perfect place to put waveform and audio monitoring.

The Hamlet Adept is a very cost-effective solution, especially as it includes on-screen PPMs for audio. We have specified SDI in and out, and it provides all the quality checks we need without taking up much desk space. If we need a clean picture it is simple to switch off the burn-in.”
Graham Deaves, Technical Director of Mersey Television

“The two new portable shoot kits are needed immediately to service a new commission from E4 to produce 12 one hour episodes of a spin-off from our popular series Hollyoaks. There is no doubt that we will be moving to HD in the near future, so as the project required new investment we made a decision to go for HD rather than SD equipment.

We will shoot the series in HD, although the series will be transmitted in SD this autumn. The characteristic style of Hollyoaks is to shoot on practical sets, either on our own campus or on location, so we need highly reliable portable equipment. The Hamlet LCDScope HDWVA waveform monitors provide an important quality check as we are shooting.”
Derek Wilkinson, SISLink’s satellite facilities manager

“SISLink is building more streamlined trucks and needs its vital test & measurement devices to fit. The Hamlet Adept’s OSD monitoring means we don’t need a separate cathode-ray tube and it is a cost-effective and space-efficient means of ensuring we continue to deliver our clients’ signals reliably.”
DDavid Hargreaves of SSVC

“We worked with Hamlet to get it to do exactly what we needed, and now the LCDScope provides the functionality we need for the new service.”
Dan Stark of systems integrator Stark Raving Solutions

“Our customers demand the systems to deliver reliably high quality content. They appreciate the flexibility of a single unit covering NTSC, S-Video, component analogue, DV, SDI and HD, along with the ease of use and ownership that Hamlet products have proven for us and our customers.”
Tom Edwards of Broadcast Technical Services Inc. (BTSI)

“The Hamlet product line provides us with a good selection of products meeting our top three needs: reliability, ease of operation and form factor. As installers and designers we like the small amount of space and power the Hamlet products use; client operations and engineering staff praise Hamlet for straightforward setup, operational accuracy and feature set. And the products work out of the box – we have had no Hamlet failures in our installations.”
Peter Hansen of Danmon

“Hamlet’s superior product line perfectly matches the current needs in broadcasting and addresses the future of HD. The sale to TV2 is an excellent example: the customer found the DigiScope to be the right choice accurate, flexible and at an attractive price.”
Peter Rolston, AV Group managing director

“We are delighted to be working with Hamlet, and using SMPTE to unveil this exciting range. Hamlet has an excellent reputation for identifying just the right product for the market – the Protean Axiom, for example, is a compact and convenient HD signal generator, but it still combines all the test patterns the practical engineer requires along with animated alphanumerics for signal identification. I know that this range is spot-on right for the Australian market.”
Eero Saarinen, managing director of Mediatrade

“The Flexiscope puts powerful test and measurement functionality literally into the palm of the engineer’s hand. Rigging outside broadcast applications means a lot of circuit testing and tracing. Having a single tool that has confidence monitoring as well as precision digital audio and video metering, that you can carry around with you at all times, is a huge benefit.”

Hamlet instruments for immediate dispatch: FlexiScope, Protean Magnum, Index, Precision HDW and WhichWire. Upgrade your MonitorScope, DigiScope and DigiTek units with easy to  install options.


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